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Quench your wanderlust without leaving your home! Who ever said travel could only exist as a physical sensation? Introducing: youRhere’s Virtual Online Events.

Join the YRH team as we partner with experts in the fields of travel, cuisine, mental health, fashion, organization, and beyond for live sessions tailored to fit your likes, loves, and needs. Our workshops will give extensive histories, dole out expert tips, and give you exclusive access to secret content, special product offers, and even free giveaways. These virtual events will take place over various platforms and will only allow for a certain number of guests—we encourage you go-getters out there to sign up for any virtual event that catches your eye as soon as you can! Instructions for how and when to log on and view the session will be sent to you after you sign up.

Participants will get all the benefits of professionally run seminars… without having to pay for gas. We will bring experts (from a wide variety of fields) to you; our aim is to cultivate positive mindset and practices that impact you, your surrounding community, and the environment in a beneficial way. Sign up for one of our fresh, fun, and impactful virtual online events below, and get the ball rolling on your brand-spanking-new skillset and attitude.


Upcoming Virtual Online Events

December 6, 2020

Sustainable Fashion Virtual Workshop EXPERIENCE

coming soon

Herbal Medicine making class online vitual event 

December 20, 2020

Setting goals you’ll stick to & planning effectively For 2021

coming soon

Cocktail making class virtual event

December 28, 2021

 CHAMPAGNE tasting virtual Event

Upcoming Local Experiences

December 13, 2021

Wine Tasting experience

Global Experiences



COVID-19 Response: youRhere Modern Retreats’ ethos rests on our ability to create safe, immersive experiences for all of our guests. We are committed to your health; we will be following all guidelines within the US and our host countries to ensure minimal risk of exposure to the virus.

youRhere Modern Retreats is dedicated to fostering lifelong connections between travelers and locals while spreading cultural awareness and creating a positive social impact on the environment. Sustainability, diversity, and the personal growth of our clients drives every experience we create.

Words to Live By:

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” -Buddha

“Human creativity is unlimited. It is the capacity of humans to make things happen which didn’t happen before. Creativity provides the key to solving our social and economic problems.” – Muhammad Yunus, Founder of Grameen Bank and pioneer of microcredit and microfinance

“Don’t be afraid to share an idea that gets your heart pumping, no matter how half-baked it may be, no matter how much resistance it meets. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If your heart is in the right place, you’ll find that people are not only happy to help, but that inviting someone into your effort to matter allows them to matter, too. Don’t be afraid of being afraid. Fear is the gateway to better. Don’t be afraid to look stupid. Stupidity is bravery in disguise.” – Jordan Kassalow

“It’s exciting to know that you’ve built a team that believes in your vision and trusts in your ability to make it a reality. I’m most proud when I’m with my team and I can see that they are ready for the ride, wherever we are going. In terms of do-overs, I honestly don’t believe in them. Every experience, good or bad, has made me who I am today. I’ve also learned more from my mistakes than I could ever learn from a textbook or article. It’s all about perspective.” – Jessica Matthews

“You must never doubt your ability to achieve anything, overcome anything, and inspire everything, because the truth is, there are no superheroes. There is just us, and too often we are the ones that we keep waiting for.” –Shiza Sahid, Co-Founder of the Malala Fund

The team behind youRhere aims to foster lifelong connections between travelers and locals while spreading cultural awareness and making a beneficial social impact through in-person and virtual events. In other words; we bring you to new places, so that you may bring knowledge and understanding home with you.

Sustainability, diversity, and the personal growth of our clients drives every experience we create. The world wants to know you; you want to know the world; let youRhere make the introduction.