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Dawn Patrol Surf 

Born out of a love of the ocean and surfing, Dawn Patrol Surf in Venice, CA is the passion project of 2 brothers from Los Angeles. Our mission is to introduce the stoke and history of surfing in Los Angeles to new and experienced surfers while providing a solid foundation for students to feel comfortable ripping waves. With over 40 years of combined surf experience, we are here to make your adventure unforgettable.


A private, 1-on-1 surf lesson with an experienced local with over 20 years of surfing experience. Our team will teach you how to catch a wave, pop-up and ride the wave into shore. In addition we tailor your experience depending on surf conditions, skill level, and convenient location. Most importantly, our goal is to get you riding a wave and having fun!


We cover all the basics for beginners with dedicated personalized instruction. An instructor will be in the water with you the entire time and pushing you into the best waves for learning.

For intermediate surfers that are looking to brush up on their skills, we take you to the top of the line up and give you pointers on reading the sets, improving your pop-up, and how to initiate and exit turns with style. You’ll be hitting Dawn Patrol with the locals in no time.

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We will contact you for exact location to meet at our vehicle to put on the wetsuits with a Google Maps pin. Below are surf spots we service.

Venice Fishing Pier

El Porto/Manhattan Beach

Will Rogers State Beach

Ocean Park/Santa Monica

3rd Point Malibu

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O’Neill Full Wetsuit

Surfboard (Softtops)



Hand Sanitizer


Bathing suit (to wear under wetsuit)

Wetsuit (if you have your own or if current wetsuit size not available) 



Mask (for beach portion of lesson)