youRhere Concierge Service

Immerse your guests in local tourism: a new way… in a new world. Let us create, develop, and elevate your guest experience with youRhere’s exclusive Concierge Service Program.

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Local Tourism

Borders are finally reopening, and many of us are excited to escape the ordinary. Whether a group is looking for nearby thrills or far-away fun, youRhere can help. Rather than scrambling through countless activity sites, leave all the professional legwork to us: scheduling unique (and bespoke) travel excursions and giving expert recommendations. We are here to assist you and to elevate your guest experience.


Health & Wellness

As restrictions mare being lifted, the importance of comprehensive self-care, in all forms, is just as important as ever before. Just in time to take the mind, body, and spirit on a vacation! We’ll take care of the details. From personal deliveries of vitamin-infusion cocktails, to revitalizing spa appointments, to in-room Pilates and yoga instructors, masseuses, and beyond… youRhere has the whole crew covered.

Dining & Drinks

We get it; dining reservations can be a bit hard to come by these days. Be it a swanky steakhouse or a trendy cafe: youRhere can grab a special table at an idyllic local eatery. Our culinary connections will help any group (preferences & dietary restrictions observed) find and book restaurants for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, even late-night bites and cocktails. Talk about indulging in the community!

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Go Beyond the Guest Experience

What is YRH’s Concierge Service? A fast, easy-to-use text service that will connect hotels (and their adventure-seeking guests) with idyllic local excursions. Let us know what your guests are looking for; YRH will coordinate with our in-area partners to bring them an unforgettable, customized experience. We focus on local tourism, restaurants, health & wellness and more—with an emphasis on sustainability and the environment—to foster a sense of community between area businesses and excited guests. We pride ourselves on our ability to showcase local lifestyle through experiential experiences.

Let us create, develop, and elevate your guest experience with youRhere’s exclusive Concierge Service Program.

So, what’s in it for you?

– Easy, quick booking

– Insider connections to amazing businesses and vendors

– Local experiences, encouraging exploration of the local community

– Adds major value to the hotel guest experience

– Thrilling, unique itineraries: personalized for every guest

– Easy communication; text us anytime!

To learn more about our concierge service experiences and how you can get involved in our community of travellers, contact us:

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