Where to Find the Best Tacos in San Diego

Sarah Kesterson

Taco Tuesday is a widespread favorite. But who says you can only enjoy this delicious entrée on Tuesdays? You can find the best tacos all week long at these five joints in San Diego.

Where to Find the Best Tacos in San Diego
Photo via Thomas Handy

Las Cuatro Milpas is known for being a traditional, old-school taco shop. It’s been serving amazing food for more than 40 years. The specialties here are rolled and fried hard shell tacos, although there are other traditional items on the menu like tamales and burritos. The flour tortillas are made in-house and fried right in front of you (a meal and a show!), and the shredded pork is an excellent choice for meat. Located in Barrio Logan, this shop closes at 3pm daily, so be sure to get there early and expect a long line – it’s incredibly popular. Las Cuatro Milpas is closed on Sundays and is cash only.

Photo via ¡SALUD!

Another one of the best tacos in San Diego: ¡SALUD! also offers a traditional-style menu with a variety of taco options to choose from, including vegetarian and breakfast options. The tacos here are loaded with plenty of delicious toppings like bell peppers, grilled nopales, potatoes, and avocado crema, just to name a few. This restaurant also has many craft beers on tap. ¡SALUD! is located in Barrio Logan and is only blocks away from Chicano Park, which is filled with over 80 stunning, vibrant murals you can peruse while enjoying your food. ¡SALUD! also offers a Taco Tuesday special—three tacos for five dollars.

Where to Find the Best Tacos in San Diego
Photo via Tacos El Gordo

Tacos El Gordo boasts some of the best street-style tacos in San Diego. The most highly recommended menu item is the Adobada taco – such a classic crowd favorite. This mouth-watering entrée, originating in Tijuana, consists of chile-marinated pork that’s slow roasted on a spit. Tacos El Gordo has different stations for whichever type of meat and toppings you prefer, so you can customize your food however you like. Located in Chula Vista, this shop is only 8 miles from the US-Mexico border.

Photo via City Taco

City Tacos provides a modern take on traditional tacos and uses very innovative ingredient combinations for unique flavors in every taco. This restaurant has a wide variety of salsas to try and offers several vegetarian menu options. The Veracruz Mahi taco, grilled mahi mahi topped with sauteed tomatoes, olives, capers, garlic, chives, white wine sauce, asadero cheese and lime aioli, is highly recommended as the best fish taco in San Diego. City Tacos has six locations in San Diego and is known to be one of the most vegetarian-friendly taco spots in the city.

Where to Find the Best Tacos in San Diego
Photo via The Taco Stand

The Taco Stand specializes in Tijuana-style tacos and has many other menu items as well, including excellent breakfast burritos and vegetarian options. Many of the vegetarian options can also easily be made vegan by substituting a few ingredients. The most recommended taco here is the Al Pastor, which includes marinated pork topped with onions, pineapple, and cilantro sauce. The Taco Stand has multiple locations in San Diego, and the original Taco Stand is in La Jolla.

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