Visually Stimulating Netflix Shows to Watch Right Now

  • By Alison Falk

  • May 25, 2020

Visually Stimulating Netflix Shows to Watch Right Now

Thanks to endless streaming platforms, #quarantinelife has given some avid binge-watcher some major in-home perks. With so many shows out there (guilty pleasures like How I Met Your Mother as well as new, intense dramas like Killing Eve) there are endless possibilities for your super lazy weekend or your end-of-day decompression. YRH has curated a list of visually stimulating shows to stream on Netflix, with shows featuring easy, mouth-watering recipes as well as adventure-filled documentaries.

Nadiya’s Time to Eat

nadiyas time to eat stimulating netflix shows cooking show

Nadiya’s Time to Eat stars Nadiya Hussain and her delicious, mouth-watering recipes. Hussain is the winner of The Great British Bake-off (now do we have your attention?) and in each episode, Hussain shows off her impressive cooking skills with surprisingly approachable recipes that are easy for any cook—of any level—to replicate. Her sweet (pun intended) personality puts you in a state of relaxation while you cook. In all honesty, we wish there were far more than seven episodes.

Expedition Happiness

expedition happiness stimulating netflix shows travel show couple school bus world explorers

Expedition Happiness is a documentary directed by (as well as starring) German filmmaker Felix Starck and his musician girlfriend, Selima Taibi. Together, the couple attempts a grand road trip with their adorable pup, Rudi. The trio travels across North America via a refurbished school bus, enticing viewers to follow them throughout their journey. Watching their excursion will bring untold joy to your inner explorer; you’ll be planning your next big adventure instantly.

Street Food: Asia

street food asia stimulating netflix shows cooking food show china japan korea

Street Food: Asia is a Netflix series brought to you by the same creators behind Chef’s Table. This show takes a look at some of Asia’s best chefs: their skilled street food vendors. These vendors, who work exclusively in open-air food markets, are some of the best in the world. In fact, their praises have been sung by world-renowned food experts, giving some of the most famous chefs a run for their money (move over, Gordon Ramsey). Fall in love with the food and the chefs alike—from Osaka, Bangkok, Delhi, Cebu, and beyond.

Pedal the World

pedal the world stimulating netflix shows travel show bike bicycle across world germany united states america

Pedal the World is yet another travel documentary by German filmmaker Felix Starck—this guy is everywhere! In this film, Starck sets out to travel 18,000 kilometers (over 11,000 miles) on his bicycle through 22 countries in just one year: starting in Germany and ending in the United States. Throughout those twelve months, Starck hits up breathtaking landmarks across the globe. Feed your wanderlust (or help quench it? We won’t tell you how to live your life) through his vacation on wheels!

Restaurants on the Edge

restaurants on the edge stimulating netflix shows cooking restaurant show home makeover views food

First airing in 2019, Restaurants on the Edge takes a lighthearted “home makeover” approach to restaurants around the world. Three professionals—a design expert, a restauranteur, and a chef—travel the globe to assist restaurants of all kinds. The one thing all of these establishments have in common: their picturesque locales and views. Nick Liberato, Dennis Prescott, and Karin Bohn work their magic to elevate each location to match its spectacular environment. We love a show with a view.

While our “typical” lives may be on pause, we can still gain inspiration from the surplus of shows Netflix has to offer. These cooking shows that will have you wanting to whip up a Banana Tarte Tatin, or booking a post-COVID trip to a faraway destination. There are endless shows to keep you entertained!

What are some of your favorite stimulating Netflix shows (or any streaming service) to keep your mind occupied?