Travel Products From Our E-Store to Pack This Summer

Travel Products From Our E-Store to Pack This Summer

Stephanie Meador

Peruse through the latest trends in the world of sustainable travel. The e-shop offers a variety of items ranging from portable beauty products to on-the-go accessories to update your suitcase. Treat yourself to some new purchases that promote eco-friendly living while still being fashion-forward!

Disposable Airplane Seat Covers


Following the pandemic, we know that health and sanitation is an incredible priority for all people. Enter, one of the newest must-have travel products: The Seet Cuvers. Our disposable seat covers come 2 per pouch. Great for families, couples & round trips! They’re made from recycled paper and are lightweight & comfortable. Trust our disposable Seet Cuvers to create a barrier between you and your seat. These covers are 100% recyclable and are recommended for one time use.

Charcoal Deodorant


This award-winning, clean, and effective deodorant by Cleo+Coco combines natural charcoal with botanicals for protection that lasts all day. Activated charcoal cleanses and purifies skin while absorbing odor. Keep this convenient odor relief on hand as you travel the world and navigate rising summer temperatures. Select from a variety of scents to find your new favorite deodorant that will help you stay odor-free through intense workouts, stressful days, and special occasions.


The future of the textile industry is here: no waste, no dyes, no chemicals, and no extra water through closed loop upcycling methods. Stay dry and stay cozy with Hilana’s eco-friendly, revolutionary product. Browse the variety of colors and designs that Hilana offers with their sustainably produced towels/blankets. These towels are super compact and lightweight which makes packing them and transporting them a breeze. They are ultra-absorbent, fast dry, and versatile so you can count on them whether you are going backpacking or going to the beach.

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Practice mindfulness during your travels this summer by journaling. Printed on sustainably sourced paper, The Five-Minute Journal encourages thought and personal growth by providing simple, structured exercises to get your thoughts flowing and your pen moving. Plus, if you are traveling with kids, consider purchasing The Five-Minute Journal for Kids so that your tiny humans can join you in journaling! It’s a cute travel products matching set.

Rise Effervescent Immunity Tablets 


Strengthen your immune system and avoid having to sit out during the fun due to sickness by taking Rise Effervescent Immunity Tablets. Rise Effervescent Tablets are the ideal blend of vitamins, minerals and herbs to help sustain your immune system. The convenient sleek tube means you can take them anywhere easily.

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