Top Sustainable Hotels in Jackson Hole

Top Sustainable Hotels in Jackson Hole

Stephanie Meador

Jackson Hole, Wyoming is a popular vacation destination known for its slopes and perfect skiing conditions. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is typically seen as the number one ski destination in the country. As people begin to vacate their houses following the distributions of vaccines and a return to normalcy, the push for sustainable tourism is more important than ever.

Top Sustainable Hotels in Jackson Hole
Photo via Hotel Terra

Hotel Terra was proud to serve as a forerunner in eco-friendly lodging as Wyoming’s first Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)-certified hotel. The hotel prides itself on considering sustainability in every aspect of its structure. From fluorescent light bulbs to recycled steel, natural and organic mattresses to aluminum water bottles, they make sure to promote a green lifestyle while making it easy for customers to do the same. The hotel’s water conservation systems, including low flow fixtures, dual flush toilets, and native landscaping requiring no irrigation, contribute to a 34% reduction in annual water use. Then, runoff water is collected in an underground tank, filtered, and released back into the environment at a steady drip, helping to reduce potential pollution.

Top Sustainable Hotels in Jackson Hole
Photo vis Bentwood Inn 

Bentwood Inn is ranked as one of the world’s best eco-lodges. As sustainable tourism becomes a global interest among avid travelers, hotels such as Bentwood Inn find their place to shine. They work to reduce negative environmental impact by offering energy-efficient lighting, locally sourced food, organic linens and towels, water-saving methods, and more. This green-friendly resort makes it prioritizes saving the planet without sacrificing the comfort and quality of guests’ experiences.

Top Sustainable Hotels in Jackson Hole
Photo via The Alpine House

The Alpine House is one of two lodging properties in Wyoming to earn the prestigious Eco-Certification award. This lovely lodge supports sustainable tourism and is deeply rooted in the belief that hospitality can help preserve our communities and the treasured lands we enjoy. The Alpine House is actively working towards water conservation, waste management, and pollution prevention. Customers rave about the lovely rooms, accommodations, and great breakfast as well!

Top Sustainable Hotels in Jackson Hole
Photo via The Wort Hotel

The Wort Hotel is dedicated to sustainable travel and is a proud participant in a pilot program offered by Sustainable Travel International (STI). Their systems involve staff who are motivated to move towards a more sustainable future while providing great service to customers and considering their feedback during the pilot program. This hotel opened in 1941 and is dedicated to preserving both the physical environment as well as the rich history and culture of the people.

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