Top 5 Outdoor, Social Distancing Activities for Summer

Top 5 Outdoor, Social Distancing Activities for Summer

Sarah Kesterson

Last year, the pandemic kept us cooped up all summer. Don’t let COVID-19 steal another summer from you. Get out of the office or house and keep boredom at bay by trying one of these five outdoor, social distancing activities to stay busy this summer.

Get Active

Top 5 Outdoor, Social Distancing Activities for Summer
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Ditch the gym this summer and utilize the great weather to continue (or start) your fitness regimen outside. Consider going for a walk or jog while the weather is cooler in the morning to jumpstart your day. Hiking is a great way to get some exercise in while enjoying nature, especially if you’re traveling to a new place. Find a trail to suit your difficulty preferences, and don’t forget to bring some water.  You can also pick up a new sport like sand volleyball, frisbee golf, or outdoor yoga. For some inspiration to get active, check out these at-home fitness influencers.

Spend Time in the Great Outdoors

Top 5 Outdoor, Social Distancing Activities for Summer
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One of the best free things to do is spend some time enjoying nature. Grab a camp chair and a blanket and drive a little way outside your city to get a clearer look at the stars. Depending on the amount of light pollution, you may even be able to see the Milky Way! In the same vein, camping trips are a great way to unwind and explore the outdoors. Whether you prefer campgrounds or roughing it in the wild, there’s camping options for everyone’s preferences. If extended stays outdoors aren’t your thing, consider having a picnic at your local park or favorite hiking spot.

Hit the Road

Top 5 Outdoor, Social Distancing Activities for Summer
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If you’re itching for a change of scenery, try getting out of town for a while. Road trips with close friends or family are a fun way to see new places. Try planning your trip around famous destinations, national parks, or cities you’ve always wanted to visit. To get the most out of your trip, plan out which places you most want to see, but allow time for exploring. Don’t be afraid to get off the beaten track—you never know what you might discover!

Explore Locally 

Top 5 Outdoor, Social Distancing Activities for Summer
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What better time to explore your city than summer? In every town or city, there are hidden gems and excellent entertainment just waiting to be discovered. Take a walk around your city looking for murals or exploring local parks. Look for local events like film festivals, carnivals, or outdoor concerts. In addition, try checking out a local farmer’s market to get some fresh produce while supporting your local economy. If you’re visiting or live near Los Angeles, check out some of the local experiences here.

Create Something

Top 5 Outdoor, Social Distancing Activities for Summer
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Summer is an excellent time to spend some time outdoors and get those creative juices flowing. Try making your own chalk paint and create a masterpiece on the sidewalk outside your house. You can also put those crafting skills to work by upgrading your home and garden with DIY eco-friendly products. If you want to create something more practical, you can plant a garden or make a hydroponics system. Not only is this a fun way to spend some time outdoors this summer, you will have homegrown produce all summer long.

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