Things to do in LA for Valentine’s Day


Things to do in LA for Valentine’s Day

For Southern California couples, agreeing on things to do in LA for Valentine’s Weekend can be tricky to navigate: especially with the varied options of retreats in California. In other years, the endless choices of “lovers’ meals” offered at cozy restaurants and sweet getaway deals at local B&Bs: but considering the current pandemic, the February list of “things to do in LA for Valentine’s Day” seems much shorter. Angeleno couples are getting creative to celebrate their relationships this year. While youRhere specializes in eco-tourism, we hold a special place in our hearts for our fellow LA locals. While you and your sweetheart sit down to discuss your Valentine’s Day plans, consider these safe suggestions from YRH. Beyond this loved-up holiday, this list is a great place to turn when you’re seeking new things to do in LA this weekend. Things to do in LA for Valentine’s Day
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For Active Couples: Hiking in La Cañada Flintridge

Hiking in Los Angeles is, essentially, a regional pastime. Finding more secluded hikes has become quite the challenge for Angelenos within the last year—but fear not! We’re lucky to live in a county with seemingly endless nature spots and little-known trails. For Valentine’s Weekend, YRH recommends taking a short drive to Northeast LA for a low-key adventure. Most of the quality things to do in La Cañada, California fall into the “hike” category; it’s an idyllic (and mostly un-crowded) area of LA. Though there are a few trails that have gained some fame over the last year (if hiking in Los Angeles was popular *before* the pandemic, it’s reached Meryl Streep-level fame these days), one of the more secluded options is Flint Canyon Trail.  This 2.4-mile wilderness trek is a perfectly low-impact activity for couples looking to breath some fresh area (and stay in the shade). The trail is accessible from Woodfield Road and features a variety of flora, including Oaks, Sycamores, and a year-round stream. Feel free to grab your pup, your bike, or even your horse—the trail is perfect for a quick trot. Things to do in LA for Valentine’s Day
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For Laid-Back Couples: Relaxing in Malibu

Most locals will tell you: one of the most popular things to do in LA for Valentine’s Day is to lather on some sunscreen, grab that (eco-friendly) towel, and take your sweetie to the shore. In fact, going to the beach one of the most beloved couple things to do in West LA on any day of the year. The trick is to find a less-populated sandy spot to spend the day. We’re all about the gorgeous beaches of Los Angeles (we’ll never stop singing their praises), but when we’re talking about things to do in LA for Valentine’s Weekend, we have to recommend the litany of things to do in Malibu. While areas like Paradise Cove Beach might just be out-of-the-way enough, you might also check out Carbon Beach (Billionaire’s Beach) for a quiet spot. Spending the day tanning gives you the joy of being outside without having to exert the energy you’d be spending if you chose the “hiking in Los Angeles” option. Of course; on this and any future beach escapes, please don’t forget the concept of eco-tourism (even if you’re a local)—pick up *all* of your trash and leave every piece of nature you find!

Things to do in LA for Valentine’s Day

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For Foodie Couples: Takeout from Santa Monica

While every LA neighborhood has excellent food offerings, there’s just something so romantic about taking a drive up/down PCH, hanging at the beach, then grabbing some Santa Monica takeout before heading home. Second only to a beach day, one of YRH’s favorite couple things to do in West LA is… well, eat! YRH’s favorite spots all reside on Surfrider’s Ocean Friendly Restaurants list—making them “excellent” recommendations for eco-tourism, on top of being delicious. This list includes Tallula’s: a Cali-fusion, Mexican restaurant with curbside service available just steps from the beach! In addition to expertly balanced tacos, Tallulah’s offers cocktail kits for those looking to properly toast the holiday. Speaking of couple things to do in West LA… if you’re looking to, let’s say, continue the toasting: we’d recommend spending the night at a safe, eco-friendly hotel in the area.

Things to do in LA for Valentine’s Day

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For Snuggly Couples: Movie & Romance at Home

We think all can agree that, sometimes, one of the best things to do in LA for Valentine’s Weekend… is hanging at home. Whether you’ve just returned for a lovely, socially distanced day outside, or you simply don’t feel like leaving your cozy home: a night in might be just what you need! Okay, so you’ve probably been having your fair share of “nights in,” but a little spice in the weekly routine could be just the ticket to elevating your weekend. Give your home that special “Los Angeles at night” feel; set the mood with some dim lighting, that Netflix movie you’ve both been meaning to see, a scented reed diffuser (we’re partial to the Release, Recharge, and Energy diffusers from Aluminate Life when it comes to sensual time), and a few quick cocktails (we’d be remiss not to suggest a sophisticated Gin & Tonic or an Old Fashioned from our quick kits). For added atmosphere: gather up all the plant-life you have in your home and create a little jungle around your couch. Something as simple as moving a few lamps and succulents around can make your space feel brand new. What a perfect way to celebrate the refreshing of your love this February! Things to do in LA for Valentine’s Day
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