Japanese Packing Trends For The Sustainable Traveller

  • By Alison Falk

  • July 27, 2020

Japanese Packing Trends For The Sustainable Traveller

Compartmentalize everything and leave room for souvenirs! We all know that the most dreading part of a trip is packing. No matter where the destination is, we often rack our brains with, “Did I pack enough clothes?” “Did I pack the *right* clothes?” “What if I do need 6 pairs of shoes for a 5-day trip?” and hypothetical questions of the like. While figuring out what necessities to bring on a trip is already difficult enough, making sure your suitcase isn’t over the weight limit is a whole other stressor. Luckily, Japanese packing trends have become viral, and they’re a *huge* help to suitcase stuffers. The art of Japanese packing trends emphasize efficiency, tidiness, and minimalism. Check out YRH’s Japanese packing tips, and how your next trip will have you packing like a pro.

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First, find the appropriate suitcase. Japanese suitcases tend to have hard, sturdy shells that can take the beatings of airport staff (no offense, airlines all over the world). These suitcases aren’t super hefty, but aren’t flimsy and light either. Make sure your suitcase matches the duration of your trip. If you are able to get away with a carry-on, no need to check a bag. If you have a longer trip, opt for a larger suitcase. Make it as easy and convenient on you as possible.

*Another pro Japanese tip: grab a suitcase that has 4 smooth, gliding wheels that make pushing and pulling as easy as can be*

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Clothes are the trickiest part of packing—they take up *a lot* of space. The process of folding clothes, in and of itself, can already get messy and wrinkly for the average person *cough cough, me.* Instead of stacking your clothes and piling up a T-shirt mountain, try folding and packing them vertically so it becomes a uniform layer within the suitcase.

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Never leave items ~loose~ in your suitcase. From makeup, to jewelry, to shoes, to literally anything: always compartmentalize it. Make sure you organize your items, makeup included, in neat cases/packs/pouches. This allows you to keep categories separate, and makes everything in your suitcase identifiable. Japanese people, especially women, are known to have cute pouches for just about anything in their purses and suitcases—hot tip: they’re available at all of the 100 Yen stores in Japan!

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Final point; always leave room in your suitcase/carry-on for souvenirs from your trip. Traveling creates some of our best memories, so why not bring back items to remember your trip by? Whether it be a new spice you came across in Morocco, or a beautiful new scarf from Paris, you want enough room in your suitcase so you don’t have to squish and stuff that suitcase on your way home. Be mindful of your packing, but most importantly, remember that your vacation is the best part.

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