The Best Wellness and Fitness Apps to Download During Quarantine

  • By Alison Falk

  • May 5, 2020

The Best Wellness and Fitness Apps to Download During Quarantine

With Covid-19 being the main topic of conversation the last few weeks… months… seemingly all of 2020, we may be feeling sluggish and unmotivated. A lot of us aren’t as active as we usually are, as we are #WFH and having our butts glued to the couch. We may also feel like our mind is clouded, and that keeping focus is harder than usual. These are all completely normal feelings, and there are ways to get out of the slump by incorporating some daily exercise and meditations into our new #quarantineroutine with some of the best wellness and fitness apps on the market today.

Many of our exercise routines have been compromised (what with our favorite gyms and studios being closed), but it’s still important to get our heart rate up and break a sweat every day in order to increase our energy level and clear the mind. While daily walks are great for getting fresh air, there are other ways to complete a full-body workout within your own home. Check out some of YRH’s fave wellness and fitness apps below.

Fitness Apps

Nike Training Club

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via Nike Training Club’s Instagram

The Nike Training Club app provides free workouts ranging from intense yoga classes, bodyweight exercises, targeted training programs, and even full-equipment home workouts (for those with a home gym). This app is user friendly for people of all fitness levels. NTC includes multi-week programs that feature nutrition tips, workouts, and wellness guides. With over 185 free workouts, you’re able to mix-and-match to see what workouts make you feel your best! We all need to find what *gels* with our bodies (and spare time).

Obé Fitness

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via Obé Fitness’ Instagram

Obé Fitness app has a sweet-and-simple approach when it comes to fitness. Known for their signature “Live and Replay” classes, they recommend members aim for five classes each week. These classes are 28 minutes each, and structured into three different “pillars”: Sweat, Define, and Flow. Sweat classes are cardio based varying from dance to HIIT, focusing on active cardio. Define classes are strength-based, with options like sculpting, barre, and pilates. Flow classes include yoga and restorative stretching. With beginner, intermediate, and advanced categories, Obé makes it easy to fit in a sweat sesh every day, no matter your exercise preferences!

Alo Moves

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Alo Moves is a fitness app powered by Alo Yoga Clothing. This particular program provides yoga-based classes taught by world-class instructors. Whether you are new to yoga or want to get back into a ~flowing~ routine, Alo Moves allows users to get the full studio experience while hanging out in their own home. Not only do they provide thousands (we’re not kidding!) of yoga classes, but they also incorporate barre, strength training, meditation, and beyond.

Wellness Apps

Calm App

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via Calm’s Instagram

The Calm App is renowned for aiding sleep, meditation, and relaxation for millions of people worldwide. With features including Meditate, Sleep, Music, Body, Masterclass, and Scenes, users can learn how to ease anxiety through powerful guided exercises. This app is super beneficial for meditation newbies out there, as the step-by-step guides help teach those who have never practiced mindfulness before. This app’s team is passionate about mental fitness and total relaxation—something we could all benefit from right about now.

Headspace App

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Similar to the Calm App, the Headspace App provides mindful techniques and guides for users to experience the benefits of meditation no matter where they are in the world. This app offers guided meditations, adorable animations, thoughtful articles, and videos backed by clinically-validated research. They focus on the concept that meditation isn’t here to transform us into new people, but to train us in awareness and perspective.

What are some of of your favorite apps to center yourself during the pandemic?