LA Burger Spots That Every Angeleno Recommends

  • By Alison Falk

  • April 5, 2020

LA Burger Spots That Every Angeleno Recommends

Burgers are not only an American classic, but a bonafide staple. Whether you’re plant-based or full-on carnivore, Los Angeles has some of the juiciest burger joints for you. There are hundreds of burger spots available in the City of Angels—ranging from your typical diner-type or an upscale burger *experience*—and YRH knows that we all get that craving. We dug deep and collected the deets on where to discover the best LA burger spots.

Apple Pan

Apple Pan is one of Los Angeles’ most iconic diners. When stepping into this burger landmark, you’re instantly transported to a different time. Sporting limited, counter-side seating to offer, older waiters in paper hats and white aprons are there to serve you. They have only two selections to choose from–the “SteakBurger” or the “HickoryBurger.” The “SteakBurger” is their original recipe from 1927, served with their own sauce, mayo, pickles, lettuce, and cheddar cheese. Their “HickoryBurger” is straight out of 1945—more of a classic smashburger. It’s served with the same fixins as their “Steakburger,” so while both offerings have similar looks, this burger is smothered in Hickory sauce, giving it a smokier flavor. Be sure to save room for a slice of their famous pies, including coconut cream, banana cream, or pecan. At this point, you’re gonna want to take a whole pie home.

via Apple Pan’s Instagram

HiHo Cheeseburger

Looking for a classic burger with 100% Wagyu grass-fed beef? HiHo Cheeseburger has everything you need. Owned by the Sugarfish Group, this burger spot keeps things nice-n-simple. Their menu offers three spins on a traditional burger: the “HiHo Cheeseburger,” the “Classic Cheeseburger,” and the “Vegetarian HiHo.” The “HiHo” take includes beef, cheese, ketchup, onion jam (spice lovers can request an extra kick), lettuce, and mustard-grilled house-made pickles. Their “Classic” is an uncomplicated option: beef, cheese, and ketchup. Finally, their “Vegetarian HiHo” is gluten-free, house-made vegan patty, accommodating folks who prefer, or require, plant-based foods. You have the option to make any of these burgers a double, or even a triple stack! YRH also highly recommends the HiHo Banana Cream Pie—just as a head’s up *wink*.

via HiHo Cheeseburger’s Instagram

Plan Check Kitchen + Bar

Located on the outskirts of Japantown in West LA is Plan Check Kitchen + Bar. This restaurant is quite the neighborhood surprise, as it sits at the very end of a string of Asian restaurants. Plan Check is the creator of “Ketchup Leather,” or solid ketchup resembling a slice of American cheese, which prevents the burger buns from getting soggy. They have truly redesigned how we might think about condiments. Plan Check carries eight types of burgers, with their “Chef’s Favorite Burger” and the “PCB” (Plan Check Burger) being the most popular. The “PCB” comes with Americanized Dashi cheese, Ketchup Leather, grilled onions, and mixed pickles on a crunchy bun. The “Chef’s Favorite” comes with cheese two ways, bacon two ways, Ketchup Leather, a sunny fried egg, and hot sauce.

via Plan Check’s Instagram

Father’s Office

Father’s Office is a restaurant that burger lovers in LA have, essentially, taken by storm. This gastropub pairs great food with some of the best craft beer the city has to offer, featuring a “seasonally rotating selection of 36 craft beers on tap.” With only one burger on their vast, eclectic menu (and a “no ketchup” rule!), they really do it up right. Aptly called “The Office Burger,” it’s made with caramelized onion, bacon, gruyere cheese, Maytag Blue cheese, and arugula. For burger lovers who opt out of the classic American cheese and want the spicy-sweetness of crumbly, melty blue cheese, this burger is everything. Pair “The Office Burger” with something Malty or Hoppy, and you got yourself a perfect meal.

via Father’s Office’s Instagram

Burgers are comforting, classic, and available no matter where you are in this city. YRH is is *biiiig* fan of these LA burger spots—the only honorable mention would be our fast-food fave In-N-Out.


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