Bambu Indah Hotel, Ubud, Bali

Stay & Play: Most Unique Hotels in Bali

Megan Simpson

Flipping through even the most up-to-date Bali travel guides may not point you toward exactly what you’re looking for. When planning an upcoming jaunt to this gorgeous destination, it’s natural to seek out popular activities, restaurants, and hotels (mostly because of their high volume of confirmative reviews) while also poking around for a few off-the-beaten-path options. Traveling is all about exploration: both of the new locale *and* within yourself. One of the best ways to do that? Find a unique-to-the-region accommodation! Enter: our collection of unique hotels in Bali.

Team YRH put together our short list (though, we could truly go on and on) of some of our favorite unique hotels in Bali! Each accommodation brings something breathtaking to the table, making for a one-of-a-kind guest experience in each! Scroll through the list to explore your options in varying hotspots around the island. Have a list of unique hotels in Bali you’d like to share? Let us know your additions on our Instagram (@yourherelive).

Photos via Trip Advisor users, Wayan_BenaRusiana & Julia Yam

Jungle Bubble Lodge

Location: Gianyar

Price Point: $

Vibes: Eco-friendly & exhilarating stay in full view of surrounding nature.

Amenity Highlights: Live life (if but for a moment) inside your own bubble! Watch the stars from the comfort of bed, snuggle up with your sweetie and take in the nature, and take a quick walk to the on-site restaurant for a delicious home-cooked meal from your sweet hosts.

Photos via Conrad Bali

Conrad Bali

Location: Tanjung Benoa

Price Point: $

Vibes: Luxurious beach getaway in Southern Bali.

Amenity Highlights: While the idea is a classic one (swanky beachfront hotel, anyone?), the execution here is other-worldly. Modern-meets-historic architecture, sprawling villas sporting private villas, an incredible amount of seclusion and intimacy. This is an idyllic destination for couples looking to celebrate and friend groups looking to unwind.

Suarga Padang Padang

Location: Uluwatu

Price Point: $

Vibes: Boutique hotel that connects deeply with surrounding culture.

Amenity Highlights: An eco-minded, intimate destination in the south of Bali. Everything offered at the hotel is season-driven (food, activities, and beyond), and all excursions around the hotel showcase the history of Bali in breathtaking ways: including ancient temples. Local is, truly, the name of the game.

Sandat Glamping Tents

Location: Tampaksiring

Price Point: $$

Vibes: Sophisticated camping in sustainable, safari-style tents.

Amenity Highlights: Select from eight unique tents (all designed with the surrounding wildlife/environment in mind) to “camp out” in style with your small group. Lounge about in your luxurious tent before venturing out for various excursions—including bike rentals, cooking classes, temple guides, and river rafting—and on-site amenities, such as a lounge & bar, a high-end restaurant, a spa, and a yoga area.

Photos via Bambu Indah

Bambu Indah

Location: Ubud

Price Point: $$

Vibes: Deep-jungle, treehouse aesthetics with a ton of eco-friendly upgrades.

Amenity Highlights: Trek into the jungle of Ubud for an unforgettable stay. Structures heavily feature bamboo and highlight incredible local craftsmen work—each room displays a different theme in which to immerse yourself. Treat yourself to the spa, daily yoga classes, and the amazing natural swimming pools. Dine in style at the hotel’s farm-to-table restaurants: locally grown, delicious meals to connect you even deeper to the culture.

Do you a list of unique hotels in Bali you’d like to share? Let us know your additions on our Instagram (@yourherelive).

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