Some of Our Favorite Sustainable Fashion Brands


Some of Our Favorite Sustainable Fashion Brands 

Stephanie Meador

Studies published over the last ten years have really revealed to consumers the damaging effects of fast fashion. Fast fashion brands are notorious for contributing to climate change, denying their workers a living wage, and their items are frequently purchased for short term use and wind up in our overflowing landfills. Luckily, there are plenty of companies advocating for change and leading by example with new and creative sustainable solutions to our world’s problems.

Some of Our Favorite Sustainable Fashion Brands
Photos via Lucy and Yak

A personal YRH fav, Lucy and Yak is a company committed to paying living wages to their employees and producing ethically made clothing items that are cute and comfortable. This brand is known for their organic dungarees that come in a variety of sizes, colors, and fun patterns. They celebrate diversity and promote inclusivity within their company and their brand. Head on over to their website and find your new favorite sustainably sourced wardrobe staple!

Some of Our Favorite Sustainable Fashion Brands
Photos via Bangs Shoes 

Fuel your soul by wearing ethically produced soles from Bangs Shoes. This woman founded business was created to provide organically sourced shoes for the adventure in each of us. The company promotes community engagement by taking 20% of their net profits and putting them towards helping entrepreneurs start businesses around the world. To ensure that their goods are ethically made, they partner with an incredible third generation family-owned manufacturer. Support their brand and browse through their beautiful and creative shoes today!

Some of Our Favorite Sustainable Fashion Brands
Photos via For Days

For Days has developed an innovative system to help keep clothes out of the landfill. The company works hard to produce a high-quality product that is also 100% recyclable. They are also environmentally conscious in their shipping and handling of products by using reusable packaging and company wide carbon offsets. Their biggest effort to eliminate waste is through their swap program. They’ve implemented a closed loop system, and everything you purchase at For Days comes with a swap credit. Get started saving the planet today and support their fun system of inspiring change!

Some of Our Favorite Sustainable Fashion Brands
Photos via Patagonia

One of the most popular sustainable fashion brands: Patagonia is using their platform and their brand to help fight the climate crisis we are facing. They publish and relay information about the decline of our planet while uniting people together through their activist program Patagonia Action Works to create a force of connected environmentally concerned individuals. They are open about their products and their employees so that consumers can rest assured knowing they are supporting a sustainably centered organization. Join the movement in style and support this eco-friendly outdoor brand.

Some of Our Favorite Sustainable Fashion Brands
Photos via People Tree

People Tree has served as a forerunner in sustainable Fair-Trade fashion for about three decades now. Their business stands as proof of the ability to deliver quality and organically sourced products while paying workers a livable wage and remaining conscious of the environmental issues at hand. They have even partnered with celebrities such as Emma Watson to spark an interest in sustainable fashion and eco-friendly change.

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