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Experience a Los Angeles Wine Tour in a VW Van

Stephanie Meador

Welcome to a bespoke Los Angeles wine tour: specifically curated for you and your group. Cruise along historic Malibu roads in a classic 1972 VW camper van taking in the views and sipping wine with your dearest friends or family. Malibu always draws a crowd, whether for its coastal beauties or the extravagant celebrity houses that stand there. Malibu is also home to some of California’s top vineyards.

Studies have shown that drinking wine promotes longevity of life, helps keep hearts healthy, can give you healthier skin, and it helps keep depression at bay. All of these positive effects are a major motivator for marking out some time to sip some drinks while appreciating the astonishing views of sunny Malibu.

For $179, you and up to six other guests can enjoy a delightful tour of all of the best sights Malibu has to offer while drinking fine wine and snacking on a divine cheese, salami, and bread plate.

Los Angeles Wine Tour: What You’ll Do

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Your adventure begins when you meet with the tour guide at the Santa Monica Pier. Here you will be able to snap some aesthetic pics with your ride for the day, a classic hippie VW van – if you ask us, it’s the best way to experience any Los Angeles wine tour. Once you have documented the beginnings of your trip you will jump in and head towards Malibu for wine tasting where you will have the opportunity to taste four different local wines.

This day trip is filled with picturesque scenery that you will want to get your camera ready for!

During your time in the wine room, you will learn fun and fascinating facts about Malibu’s vineyards. Once you have done some tasting yourself, you will head up north along the beautiful coastline towards the mountains where the vineyards that produce such delightful drinks can be found.

Drive by various vineyards and make a few stops where you can take in incredible views of the Malibu landscapes and snap some more cool photos with the VW van. On the way down you will stop at Point Dume to appreciate its breathtaking views on the cliffs and the ocean. After spending some time there, your next stop will be at the famous Malibu Pier. Here you will be able to take a walk and enjoy an uninterrupted view of the Santa Monica Mountains.

Choose the morning session that runs from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm to get your day started (this session begins with the sightseeing then ends with the wine tasting) or indulge in an afternoon excursion with the 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm time slot.

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