Eco-Friendly Things To Do In LA - Beach Guide


Eco-Friendly Things To Do In LA – Beach Guide

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Looking for things to do in LA this weekend? Look no further: youRhere has complied this not-so-secret list of the best beaches in the county. But of course, you know us: every step we take out into this world should be predicated by sustainability and positive social impact. So, whether you’re an out-of-towner meticulously planning your next Los Angeles getaway (booking the perfect hotel, jamming out to some LA themed music on Spotify, curating some gorgeous vacation photos on Pinterest, etc.) or a local that’s looking for a picturesque Los Angeles beach day with stunning bike paths and volleyball courts, YRH is in your corner. While there are many theories as to what makes a Los Angeles beach rank as one of the “best beaches,” the youRhere team has a strong belief in variety: we’ve provided a healthy mix of high-end, sandy stunners and active, exciting locales. If you’re looking for things to do in LA that reach beyond the shores, check out youRhere’s comprehensive Los Angeles guide! You can download that here. Discover more curated activities in LA (and beyond) through our youRhere Experiences. An important note: if you enjoy any of these destinations, youRhere implores you to leave the beach as you found it (or better!). Pick up all of your personal belongings, throw away trash/recycle in the appropriate receptacles, and leave every natural thing you find behind!


Paradise Cove Beach

As its name suggests, what we have here is a classically beautiful beach. Located up the Pacific Coast Highway in the trendy town of Malibu, Paradise Cove Beach is a bit of a distance from Hollywood… but that hasn’t stopped celebrities from making the trek: in fact, this beach has been a hot-spot for movie stars for decades. Dating back to the 50s and 60s, Malibu was considered a little-known getaway for Los Angelenos, making it the perfect spot for celebrities like Marilyn Monroe to spend the weekend. Additionally, its seclusion made it possible for countless movies, TV shows, and music videos to be filmed here: from Gidget, to Baywatch, to Incident Proposal, to Hannah Montana, to a Madonna music video. Stop in at the famous Paradise Cove Beach Café (a favorite of celebs and locals alike) for a beachy, diner-style meal. Paradise Cove is one of the best beaches in LA to discover with your family… just watch out for the paid parking! Eco-Friendly Things to do in LA: Beaches

Carbon Beach

Fancy a sight-seeing day in the sun at a popular spot? Quite appropriate that we use the word “fancy” here: this locale’s nickname is, appropriately, “billionaire’s beach.” The shore is lined with some of the most expensive homes in the county: so while you gaze out over the whitecaps, your loved ones might choose to rotate and “window shop” (pun intended). There’s a reason the rich and famous choose this place to call home—this is another textbook beautiful beach in Malibu. Bonus: this is just a short drive down the PCH from Paradise Cove: you could easily hit both in one day! Swim surf or beach volleyball anyone? Eco-Friendly Things to do in LA: Beaches

Santa Monica:

Santa Monica State Beach

Don’t mess with a classic: why not hit up one of the most classic things to do in LA this weekend? While we wouldn’t necessarily put Santa Monica in the “infamously beautiful beach” category, true beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This is a prime beach for our activity-loving audience! The Santa Monica Pier provides a plethora of classic attractions and eateries, and the beach itself is a hub for frisbee, volleyball, boogie boarding, and *epic* sandcastle competitions. Has all this excitement (and sand) got you worried about your phone? YRH highly recommends grabbing one of our cross-body phone cases from our E-store—your tech deserves protection! Eco-Friendly Things to do in LA: Beaches

Manhattan Beach:

Bruce’s Beach

This historic Los Angeles beach holds a special place in team YRH’s heart. The beach’s land was bought up in the early 20th century by a young couple who, against the norms of the time period, opened access to members of all races. As time went on, Bruce’s Beach stayed ahead of the curve: opening pier access (and selling land) to African Americans long before its competitors. The locale features multiple tiers to accommodate sand- and grass-lovers alike. It’s an idyllic spot for a picnic, a bike ride, or an afternoon stroll. If you happen to be near the south bay, this is one of the best things to do in LA this weekend. Eco-Friendly Things to do in LA: Beaches

Palos Verdes:

Flat Rock Beach/Bluff Cove

Close to that rounded peninsula at the bottom of the county, Palos Verdes plays host to a gorgeous (and somewhat unknown) beach-and-bluff combo. With many opinions and recommendations on things to do in LA, the south bay can easily be overlooked… luckily for you! This scenic overlook tapers into one of the best beaches in Los Angeles: brimming with flora and fauna you’ll be *thrilled* to explore. Gather your family and spend the day discovering tidepools, snorkeling (bring your wetsuit—it’s cold!), and hiking around the cliffside. Remember to wear comfortable shoes if you’re thinking about traipsing on foot. Eco-Friendly Things to do in LA: Beaches

While we’re chatting about beaches (and things to do in LA this weekend), why not sign up for youRhere’s beach clean-up event coming up on Sunday, January 24th?

Help protect our beautiful beaches! You can find out all the details and sign up right here.

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