Eco-Friendly Hotels Around the World

1hotels (Haitang Bay, China)

This decadent (and responsible) hotel chain has locations around the world—and they’re currently expanding. Prolific in the United States—especially their flagship Brooklyn, New York locale—1hotels has proven to be a leader in the world of sustainable travel. One of their newest locations resides in Haitang Bay, China. This stunning hotel boasts more than views: hangers made up of 100% recycled material, friendly timing reminders in each bath/shower, key cards made of recycled wood, and in-room chalkboards instead of notepads, to name a few.

Six Senses Hotels (Fiji)

Can you conjure up thoughts of a more romantic destination than Fiji? It’d be difficult. Six Senses Fiji goes above and beyond—both in luxury and conservation—for their guests and the island it calls home. Six Senses hotels include electric transport, passive cooling techniques, dedication to employing and sourcing locally, relying on renewable building materials, and finally, banning plastic straws (2016) and slowly fading out *all* plastic from its property (to be completed by 2022).

Pikaia Lodge (Ecuador)

Speaking of breath-taking getaways; why not give the Galapagos Islands a spin? Spice up the typical tropical vacation with views of volcanos and an abundance of natural wildlife. You’ll truly feel secluded—in the best kind of way—at Pikaia Lodge. This brand-new hotel is the very first carbon-neutral accommodative site on the islands. Ecuador itself understands the value of eco-tourism (regulating the number of visitors, especially to the island, every year) and this gorgeous locale follows its model.

Fogo Island Inn (Newfoundland, Canada)

If you’re seeking a colder climate for your next trip, Canada is a wonderful choice. This destination gives off a misty, moody vibe—lovers of fall: take note! As for sustainability, Fogo Island Inn is specifically designed to meet the highest levels of energy efficiency. On top of that, they’re committed to supporting the local community; the furniture and quilts in the hotel are made my local craftsmen, and 100% of surpluses from standard operation go back into the community.

Treetops Treehouse (Devon, England)

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always dreamed of living in a vast, luxurious treehouse. Far from a dream anymore, the Treetops Treehouse in the U.K. provides childhood wonder and comfort galore. Made from recused wood from the tree itself, the tree-mansion is a multi-level, self-sustaining wonder—a king bed, wood-burning fireplace, and a stunning copper tub perfect for a relaxing soak. You’ll fulfill some adolescent fantasies while enjoying the Fox and Hounds Country Hotel’s (the manager, so to speak) spa facilities nearby.

Amanzoe (Porto Cheli, Greece)

Aman hotels are numerous around the world—the innovative company specializes in, well, specialty hotels. Each location Aman invests in blends in *perfectly* with its town, state, and country. The sleek Amanzoe destination (located in a small town in Greece) incorporates natural resources found in the area for its architecture. Amanzoe utilizes the ever-popular farm-to-table method (all restaurants on site source their ingredients from the town around them) as well as recycling and energy saving programs throughout the resort. The hotel feels reminiscent of ancient Grecian buildings, but implements the sustainability programs of the future.

Hotel Verde (Cape Town, South Africa)

We love an effectively placed hotel! The Hotel Verde in South Africa is inside of Cape Town’s international airport, giving you unparalleled “travel time” between landing and check-in. This ground-breaking hotel was the first in all of Africa to offer 100% carbon-neutral accommodations—every aspect of the hotel is designed with the environment in mind. You’ll find energy efficiency everywhere: elevators, gym equipment, lighting, and even windows. Not to mention, you’re in the heart of the enthralling city of Cape Town—a pertinent destination for any world traveler at some point in their lives!


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