Top 5 Destinations in India For Women Traveling Solo

  • By Sunita Negi

  • August 3, 2020

Top 5 Destinations in India For Women Traveling Solo

Travel, journey, tour, holiday–as soon as these words are spelled out, who doesn’t get a rush of excitement in their head and heart? Travel is a popular concept for a majority of ladies around the world. Who doesn’t want to explore new places calling cities the safest capital of the world? I guess everyone wants to expand their worldview. India is an incredibly mesmerizing place with the most beautiful hearts in terms of hospitality that really makes you feel safe. It has unforgettable places to visit that take your breath away. Despite its rich culture and many tourist attractions, it can still be considered unsafe for solo women travelers. However, there are a number of locations that experience and research have noted are low-risk (and high-reward) for single travelers: especially solo travel in India for women.

Let’s jump straight into some of the most beautiful and safe places to visit in India for women traveling solo if you’re planning a trip to India.


India For Women goa india tropical tropics beach beaches palm trees vacation paradise

Goa, 1514 Kms from Delhi India, The capital of India by Flight, is a city in India on the southwestern coast of India within the region known as the Konkan, yoga capital, really “has it all” in terms of vacation variety. It is said to be the safest place to travel by Plan India and Child and Women Development Ministry which makes Goa safe for solo female travel.

Visitors are free (and encouraged) to visit this nature’s abode and explore the party destination. Goa is a hub for beaches, water sports, small town feel, guest houses, flea markets, and exotic cuisines. For people looking for active excitement, you cannot expect a better place than Goa for fun vacation activities!


India For Women Shillong India houses in nature rainforest forest satellites travel wanderlust explore

Shillong offers a priceless experience for all the travelers looking for picturesque sights. The lush green hills, the beautiful waterfalls, the shiny lakes, and the pleasant weather will amaze all visitors. It is a very safe place and also accessible from all parts of India.


India For Women Udaipur India historic city travel wanderlust ancient building

The natural beauty and deep history of Rajasthan is alluring for locals and travelers alike. The eye-catching architecture tells a fascinating story all over the region. You will be warmed by the hospitality of the hotels. They stand true to their vow, “Atithi Devi Bhava,” which translates to “the guest is God” in English.

If you are really into the rich culture of India, you must visit this place of Indian elegance: you’ll get one of the best travel experiences.


India For Women Gangtok India village houses mountains fog mist nature travel

Another beauty of North-east India, Gangtok is one-more safe place for solo women travelers. The splendid monasteries, adventure-packed excursions, and the breath-taking view of the hills give any visitor plenty of options to enjoy.

The major attractions include Hanuman Tok, Khecheopalri Lake, Nathu La, Phodong Monastery, etc. You definitely shouldn’t miss out on these holiday activities.


India For Women Hampi India ancient ruins desert historic city travel wanderlust

Hampi is such a beautiful place—I can’t stress it’s majesty enough. It is a perfect spot to give you a feeling of home away from home. It will undoubtedly solidify your mindset regarding India. This small yet beautiful village has culturally rich people with lots of tranquillity.

If you are a solo woman traveller, I assure you that this place will have your heart. The beautiful stone chariot, the Vittala Temple complex, and the huge model of Garuda will quench your thirst for travel. It is amongst the largest human settlement with varied cultural heritage.

So, what are you waiting for? You can have the best travel experiences in India! Book tours for extra cost, Pack your bags, and get ready to explore further!

Do you have a favorite solo trip place in India (for women, especially, traveling alone?) Other fun trip destinations? Share with us on Instagram!