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Greek Beauty Trends, Natural Makeup Looks & More

By Megan Simpson

When we say, “Grecian beauty,” what comes to mind? If I might wager a guess, I’d say it’s a toss-up between the whimsical goddesses of ancient Greece (who else was *obsessed* with Greek mythology books in elementary school?) or the upbeat 70s jams of ABBA paired with Meryl Streep’s excellent acting in Mamma Mia! Am I close? Grecian beauty might conjure up thoughts of Aphrodite or Artemis… Athena or Hera. The modern-day offerings, of course, look a little different. YRH wanted to explore the most popular Greek beauty trends across the country—and though everyone has their own beauty routine, we found a fundamental basis for most all Greek looks: sun-kissed & effortless.

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Best natural skin care  

The Mediterranean is warm, friends. We’re talking a *low* of 55 degrees Fahrenheit in the dead of winter. And that’s quite rare. So, naturally, the Greeks have made sunblock their best friend. Face products like BB cream and foundation are bound to contain a little bit of the SPF good stuff—it’s easy to burn during any time of the year.

Additionally, the Mediterranean climate is mostly dry, so it’s easy for skin to feel the negative effects. Grecian people are big fans of rich moisturizers: most have different products for day and night wear. It may sound strange, but some will even use olive oil to keep the skin plump and supple—it’s actually *great* as a treatment for flakey skin and chapped lips!

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Natural Look Makeup

Though we cannot paint the whole country with one brush (pun intended), there is definitely a stronger “no makeup look” movement in Greece than we are used to the in the States. Of course, this doesn’t really mean “no makeup,” but it does point in the “less is more” direction. Effortless beauty is a coveted thing in a number of European countries: Greece is no different.

What sets this country apart is its dedication to the distinct “beach beauty” look. Simplified, it’s like Europe meets Southern California. Heave emphasis is placed on eye-brow shaping (the bold brow is just as popular in Greece) and luscious lashes, while Greeks are less focused on eyeliner, eyeshadow, and punchy lip colors. Many rely on light touches of highlighter and faint blush to frame the face.

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In addition to the all-powerful sunblock, Greeks are known for their luxurious bathing routines. Back in the day, milk baths were all the rage for rich families. Nowadays, it’s far more common to partake in a daily lotion routine to keep skin soft and moisturized. Additionally, Greeks *adore* a good sea salt scrub. The Mediterranean lifestyle—which includes the Mediterranean diet: widely regarded as the most well-balanced diet on the planet—puts an emphasis on time spent outside. Exfoliation after spending hours and hours outdoors is so important; body products in the country often contain locally sourced sea salt to help schluff off any dead skin hanging out on the body.

You’re really getting the best of both worlds here; long, lovely days spent under the radiant Grecian sun followed up with decadent self-care at night (delicious and well-balanced meals throughout). It’s not a complete reality, of course—if only *anyone’s* life could be that whimsical—but the ideology is there: in Greece.

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What are your favorite Greek beauty trends? Anything you’re going to incorporate into your own routine? Share with us on Instagram!

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