Bound for Beauty: What’s in a Brit’s Makeup Bag

  • By Alison Falk

  • July 21, 2020

Bound for Beauty: What’s in a Brit’s Makeup Bag

A bit of blusher and a red lip never hurt anyone! We have all heard of the “London look,” but what does that exactly mean? British beauty trends actually tend to run the gambit of: there are a variety of different “looks.” In British beauty, it truly depends on the individual beauty lover. Many popular modern-day makeup brands like Charlotte Tilbury (as well as some that have stood the test of time like 250-year-old Yardley London) have all originated from the United Kingdom. Whether inspired by grungy Kate Moss or polished and posh Rosie Huntington Whiteley, check out what types of products are in a Brit’s makeup bag!


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Like in any country and culture, beauty means something different to everyone. At the very least, many beauty enthusiasts in the U.K. and Europe as a whole are partial to a good tinted moisturizer or BB cream with a luminous finish. Especially in London, where the go-go-go lifestyle is popular, these quick-fixes with decent coverage are key.


brit's makeup bag british beauty trends winged eyeliner eye shadow applying application going out look

For Brits who love going out on the town (and want to be dolled up while they’re at it) an intense eye—wing included—is the way to go. A dramatic eye-look can be shimmery or matte, an quote often followed up with false lashes to complete this glam. Because this may be *a lot* for the every-day look, a smudgy eyeliner look is more en vogue during the week. A cream eyeliner pencil in black, brown, or gunmetal, smudged in the upper and lower waterline, can create an effortless (yet very chic) look: it only takes a couple of seconds to do.

Blush and Highlighter

brit's makeup bag british beauty trends blush blusher highlighter glamorous looks

Blush, or blusher as it’s often called in the U.K., is seeing a resurgence in popularity worldwide: however, the typical British look doesn’t include loads of it. A pretty flush across the face in muted pink-petal tones seems to be the go-to. Highlighters, used to attract light to the high points of the face, is used either in powder or cream formulas. Powder can give a more intense look (think borderline *blinding*), while cream can be tapped in and blended into the skin for a “natural glow.”


brit's makeup bag british beauty trends red lipstick classic sultry lips

Red lips are always a classic—why mess with perfection? So many iconic ladies of history have displayed a distinct red pout (we’re thinking of the ethereal Audrey Hepburn) that our modern faves have adopted and adapted—enter: Kate Moss’ grungy, dabbed-on red lip. Matte red lips can elevate even the simplest of looks. Whether you have a heavy hand, or like the lightest application, a red lip suits anyone. Either way: a red lipstick can be found in many a Brit’s makeup bag.

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