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Bites of Perfection: Best Places to Eat in Bali

Megan Simpson

A good bite is hard to come by… a phrase that doesn’t hold up in Bali, Indonesia. On every street corner, every small road, every beachy locale, every trek into the jungle, you’re going to find mouth-watering food. A list of all the best restaurants in Bali would be miles long (though, some have tried), but team YRH always manages to gather some stand-outs to share with our travel community. From street food to elegant fine dining, your taste buds will truly sing after your visit. Trust us: it’s been hard to return to the US’ version of a burger. Below, we’ve listed out our top two favorites in three of Bali’s most popular cities: Seminyak, Ubud, and Kuta. Discover some of the best places to eat in Bali.


Bites of Perfection: Best Places to Eat in Bali
Photos via Shelter Cafe’s Instagram

Shelter Café

They say you eat with your eyes before you even put a bite into your mouth. If that’s true, you could fill up instantaneously at the Shelter Café. This gorgeous, open-air eatery puts extra effort into designing artful, aesthetically pleasing plates to match the lush, scenic views around the restaurant. The staff’s aim is to cultivate a unique, youthful culture in its establishment: they cater to creative professionals (locals and visitors alike) looking to meet up, brainstorm, and eat delicious, authentic food. Drink-wise, they specialize in fresh juices and smoothies. Join them for brunch and try their delectable Las Vegas scramble, or hang out until lunch to grab a healthy bowl with a side of Cauliflower Wings!
Bites of Perfection: Best Places to Eat in Bali
Photos via Merah Putih’s Instagram

Merah Putih

Fusion foods are incredibly popular in Bali, so (strangely enough) it’s rare you find a truly Indonesian menu. Merah Putih offers bountiful family-style plates of traditional Balinese cuisine. The restaurant itself boasts a number of eco-friendly upgrades, including a recycled and purified water system, solar-filtered glass, and alternative building materials. The architecture features the amazing talents of local Indonesian craftsmen. The menu is elevated, putting a sophisticated spin on family-style dining. Try their fresh seafood plates—a specialty—or their mouth-watering Siobak Bebek: a duck breast meal with a kick. Merah Putih also offers a separate, fully vegetarian menu.


Bites of Perfection: Best Places to Eat in Bali
Photos via Moksa Ubud’s Instagram

Moksa Ubud

Located in the culturally rich capital of Bali, this entirely plant-based restaurant is the darling of Ubud. Laser-focused on sustainability, Moksa draws their menu solely from their on-site permaculture garden, the tending of which follows the natural cycles of the surrounding forest. Connect even further with your surroundings at the attached Dojo—an open space designed for yoga and meditation. Each plate at Moksa is bright and flavorful; we highly recommend you try the Moksa Sampler for small bites of everything, their juicy jackfruit burger, and the uber-unique Balinese Paella.

Photos via Indus Restaurant’s Instagram

Indus Restaurant

An area favorite since its inception in 1998, Indus is set atop a ridge with one of the most breath-taking views our team has ever seen. This swanky restaurant serves as an excellent date-night destination—the menu incorporates a perfect array of dishes inspired by Asia. We recommend making an earlier reservation in order to take full advantage of the space: grab a cocktail and indulge in the scenery before finding your seat for dinner. Try their fragrant, flavorful Fish Curry, or mix up your cultures and select the Beef Randang on a flatbread.


Bites of Perfection: Best Places to Eat in Bali
Photos via Crumb & Coaster’s Instagram

Crumb & Coaster

New on the culinary scene, Crumb & Coaster expertly marries deep cultural traditions with a modern, youthful aesthetic. The establishment began as a simple coffee shop, and has grown into a trendy eatery in just a few years. Along with a delicious cup of joe, you and your group can sample breakfast burritos, salads, wraps, and burgers accented with house-made sauces, dips, and pickles. All the ingredients are purchased at the local market in Kuta, and they’re served to you in this bright-and-sunny locale, featuring some seriously prime indoor lighting.

Bites of Perfection: Best Places to Eat in Bali
Photos via Poppies Restaurant

Poppies Restaurant

Rounding out our list of the best places to eat in Bali: Poppies Restaurant in Kuta. Nestled in the hanging gardens of the region, this staple for tourists and locals has been open since 1973. The atmosphere is once-in-a-lifetime: you and your party will dine underneath the dense rainforest canopy, surrounded by gorgeous florals, glistening pools, and cascading waterfalls. Poppies is known for its “tropical” vibes, which carry over into their fare in a major way. Order a Piña Colada and you’re bound to be impressed with the hand-carved coconut presentation. The menu denotes vegetarian and gluten-free options, which include Shish Kabobs served over coals, Tongseng Kambing (a lamb dish), and a bowl of delicious Tom Yam Talay (A Thai seafood soup).

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