But, When! Best Times to Visit Bali

But, When? Best Times to Visit Bali, Indonesia

Megan Simpson 

April 12, 2021

Outside of a global pandemic, the general community of wanderlusters can agree: it’s *always* a good time to visit Bali. Though we’re all for this mindset theoretically, team YRH is dedicated to bringing you the most accurate, helpful information on all your future destinations. That being said, there are a few optimal times to vacation at this Indonesia hot spot. Let’s break down the best times to visit Indonesia (specifically, Bali), according to three main factors: weather, tourist population, and a plethora of fun activities in Bali.

Best Weather in Bali

photo via Alexandr Podvalny


Depending on the kind of trip you’re looking to embark upon, we recommend planning your trip around the optimal weather for your excursions.

Winter brings about the rainy season in Bali. Though temperatures stay in the 60s/70s (Fahrenheit), December, January, and February bring heavy tropical rains throughout Indonesia. In terms of your average vacationer, this would be the least desirable time to visit Bali. However, if you truly do like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain… accommodations and excursions are typically much cheaper during this time. Note: we don’t recommend ocean-based activities, as the sea tends to be volatile/visibility is quite low.

But, When! Best Times to Visit Bali
Photo via Defina Sumardji


In Spring, the name of the game is “hot!” Not to mention, exceedingly humid. As Bali’s rainy season comes to a close, temperatures rapidly increase into the 80s… but the humidity can make the days feel a whole lot hotter. Escape the humidity by heading inland toward Ubud, or take a dip into the ocean as the Spring marches on: the water is the perfect escape for the heavy air. Heading into May, the humidity wears off and you’ll be able to enjoy lots (and lots0 of sun: plus, all the activities it entails!

But, When! Best Times to Visit Bali
Photo via Darren Lawrence


Early Summer, June especially, is YRH’s recommendation for idyllic weather in Bali—little chance of rain, the humidity is still staving off, and temps hang right around 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Conditions will continue throughout July and August, though prices and tourist numbers will increase. The Summer is the perfect time to experience all that Bali has to offer, from hiking adventures to cultural tours.

Photo via Anton Luzhkovsky


Rounding out the year, Fall weather in Bali can vary greatly. While, on average, September will mirror the summer conditions, October is the official start of the rainy season. As this season marches on, some of the popular adventure options in Bali aren’t recommended. This is a good time to take advantage of indoor dining, temple tours, and beyond.

Least Tourists in Bali

But, When! Best Times to Visit Bali
Photo via Artem Beliaikin

Bali has undoubtedly experienced a sharp rise in tourist popularity over the last few decades. Visitors worldwide have fallen in love with the region’s sights, smells, tastes, and tours. With all its fame, however, our jet-setting community has noticed that more tourists equals less physical space, more competition, and, often, higher prices all around. As we travelers are all-too familiar, the struggle between “fewer tourists” and “great weather” is an eternal battle. The nicer the weather, the more people want to flock to the spot.

If your trip to Bali favors walking tours, visits to inside locales (such as historical buildings), and eating tons of good food: we recommend visiting Bali in early Spring or late Fall. During these times, prices will be greatly reduced and tourist crowds will be minimal. However, you’ll be chancing humidity (Spring) and higher chances of tropical rain (both Spring and Fall).

For the true adventurer that’s looking to soak up all of the fun excursions of Bali, Grab your tickets for June! The weather is gorgeous, and the month typically falls just before the summer holidays for Asia and its surrounding continents. While crowds will have increased from Spring, you won’t be dealing with the massive flocks that July and August typically entail.

Most Activities in Bali

Photo via Sebastian Pena Lambarri

When you’re considering the best times to visit Indonesia, access to some of the most specialized excursions plays a huge role. The good news: you can find an abundance of intriguing activities year-round in Bali. The catch: the volatile Balinese weather renders many of these activities sunshine-dependent!

If you’re seeking a high-energy, active vacation: late Spring through September. This will include things like hiking the stunning Mount Batur, zip-lining around the lush rainforest, sea-bound experiences such as visiting Nusa Penida island, charting catamarans, snorkeling, and diving.

If you’re looking to soak up the sun: July and August. These are the sunniest months of the year—your sun-bathing is sure to be uninterrupted!

If you’re looking for cultural adventures: year-round. We recommend looking up the *exact* activity you’d like to do and ensure it will be accessible during your visit. However, generally, historical tours, visits to the world-famous rice fields, and Bali food tours are running all year long.

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