4 of the Best Fitness Influencers for At-Home Workouts

  • By Alison Falk

  • May 11, 2020

4 of the Best Fitness Influencers for At-Home Workouts

Creative workouts with no equipment necessary… hello sweat!

Thanks to Covid-19, many of us are having a hard time finding inspiration, or even motivation, to get active and exercise… even if we were frequent gym-goers pre-quarantine. We may feel like we might not have enough space in our homes or the right equipment to do a complete workout, but fitness influencers on Instagram and YouTube are proving that to be false. With these influencers stepping it up for their followers, they are providing “quarantine workouts” to help us maintain our fitness goals, or even inspire those who weren’t active before to start moving. It is never too late to start your fitness journey; we’ve rounded up some of our favorite fitness influencers for at-home workouts that are helping us to get creative and break a sweat. Beauty products recommendation : Cleo + Coco

Lilly Sabrililly sabri fitness instructor influencers at home workouts instagram

Lilly Sabri is a fitness influencer that has over 400 workouts on her YouTube channel and Instagram page (@lillysabri). With her experience as a physiotherapist, as well as a Pilates instructor, she inspires her followers with her accessible and simple approach to fitness (no equipment necessary!). Her main focus is working on your core and your booty (which we can all benefit from), and she provides free workout guides, as well as live videos every single day. She makes the whole “feeling the burn” thing enjoyable; the hour flies by when you’re working out with Lilly.

Blogliates (Cassey Ho)blogilates cassey ho fitness influencers at home workouts quarantine pilates sweat

Cassey Ho—better known as her Instagram handle, @blogilates—is Tik-Toking (that’s a term, right?) her workouts on her page every day. She creates these short TikTok videos, as well as long-form workout videos, to help her viewers reach their fitness goals and improve their flexibility. Cassey wants everyone to find joy in their fitness journeys, as she is always working out with a smile on her face. She focuses on lengthening muscles with Pilates-style moves. Her videos are at-home friendly: she uses the couch, the bathtub, and even wine bottles as equipment, so there is no excuse to skip a move.

Beverley Chengbeverley cheng fitness influencers at home workouts instagram influencer sweat exercise

Fitness coach/influencer Beverley Cheng (@beverleycheng) loves to sweat and encourages her followers to love it, too. She provides 30-day Fitness Challenges to keep her fans motivated and healthy during quarantine. She utilizes furniture, as well as other items around the house, to complete a full workout without having a gym to rely on. She wants her followers to feel strong and empowered. Her workouts will definitely have you “feeling it” from your quads to your booty to well… basically, your entire body.

Kayla Itsineskayla itsines fitness influencers at home workouts instagram famous quarantine workout

Kayla Itsines (@kayla_itsines) may very well be one of the OG fitness influencers on Instagram: her 12.4 million followers are living proof that her workouts yield real results and create community. Her IG page shows plenty of motivational before-and-after pictures of her followers that use her guides. She is the founder of BBG, aka the “Better Bikini Guide.” Her program does not discriminate against fitness levels, as she wants everyone to feel more confident, fitter, and stronger. Her guides emphasize plyometrics, which is a form of jump training. The goal is to “exert maximum force” in the shortest amount of time. Her page is a home to fitness lovers worldwide who push each other to be their best selves.

Although finding motivation to work out might be tough at first, we are lucky to have thousands of home-workouts readily available at our fingertips. Adding exercise into our daily #quarantineroutine can help us feel more accomplished, as well as physically and mentally stronger and calmer. With so many of these workouts requiring zero equipment, they are accessible and do-able for people of any fitness level. Work out with an influencer that has routines that work for you, and even find community within theirs!

Who are your favorite fitness influencers to follow for awesome at-home workouts? Are you planning a trip to LA and looking for things to do in LA and best eco friendly hotels to stay in Los angeles? Look no further we have something for you! Beach day anyone?