Best “Clean Beauty” Travel Products to Pack This Fall

  • By Alison Falk

  • August 12, 2020

Best “Clean Beauty” Travel Products to Pack This Fall

Clean, clean, clean. This buzzword has been floating around the beauty realm a lot in recent years. Clean beauty includes haircare, skincare, makeup, fragrance, and more. What’s clean beauty? Clean beauty refers to products made without ingredients that can potentially harm us. Clean beauty products are ridden of harsh chemicals and additives that we simply don’t need. Check out youRhere’s round-up of the best “clean beauty” travel products to throw in your carry-on this fall—they’ll keep you looking and feeling beautiful no matter where you are.

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Our Fave Haircare Products

How often do you consider exactly what is in your haircare products? As long as it gives us the results we want (this summer humidity is making my baby hairs go out of control)—not all that often. Most of us stick to the products our mom or friends showed us growing up, but there are so many amazing brands out there. Right now, we are *loving* Briogeo. Briogeo is inspired by family tradition: making natural products from scratch in the kitchen. Beauty shouldn’t be compromised by harsh ingredients, such as parabens, SLS, phthalates, and silicones. Briogeo has a plethora of clean haircare products, from their Scalp Revival Charcoal + Coconut Oil Micro-exfoliating Scalp Scrub Shampoo to their Be Gentle, Be Kind™ Avocado + Kiwi Mega Moisture Superfoods Hair Mask. These beauties are infused with blends of natural plant and fruit extracts, oils, and antioxidants; yes, please!

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Skincare We’re Obsessed With

Skincare is one of the most booming aspects of the clean beauty movement; it’s the base for beautiful, healthy skin and fresh makeup looks. When we have a skin issue, such as a breakout or irritation, we often want to scrub it away and get rid of it by any means necessary: aka by any harsh chemicals necessary. This doesn’t mean chemicals in our skincare are all bad (water is a chemical, y’all!), but we can always be more mindful of what we are putting on our skin. Californian clean beauty brand Youth to the People has caught our eye with their Superfood Antioxidant Cleanser. This wash is made for all skin types and has a gel-like consistency. Highlighted ingredients include kale, spinach, and green tea. When we think clean, we think green. These key ingredients are superfood blends that are packed with antioxidants. Your skin will thank us later.

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Clean Makeup (Yes, it’s Real)

People often harbor the misconception that makeup is packed with pore-clogging, nasty ingredients. Clean makeup brands are *taking over* the beauty industry, and they are definitely for the on-the-go, no-makeup-makeup beauty lovers. We are living for the “Un” Cover-up Concealer by rms beauty. Founded by makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift, rms is for those who want clean, yet high-performing products. This concealer is formulated with coconut and Jojoba oils to give you a creamy finish. Throw this little pot in your purse and you can touch up anywhere.

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Smell Clean, If You Know What I Mean

“Clean fragrance.” Tell me the truth: has that ever crossed your mind? We usually spritz on our fave perfume and go. Clean Reserve has been at the forefront of clean fragrance, as their products are expertly formulated without 50 of the harshest chemicals and ingredients. This is a sustainable, “farm-to” fragrance brand that work with farmers with eco-conscious packaging. Their Reserve – Radiant Nectar is one of their most popular floral scents, with notes of Ambrette Seeds, Pear Nectar, Liquid Musk. The scent creates a fresh warmth that will remind you of the end of summer nights transitioning into fall mornings.

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“Clean beauty” travel products in the beauty industry are everywhere—you just need to look. Whether you are dreaming of future getaways or you’re thinking about a quick trip, everyone will be asking what your clean routine is.

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