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4 Best Abbot Kinney Restaurants: Worth the Wait

Alison Falk & Megan Simpson

Los Angeles is known to be one of the trendiest spots in the world: Matcha cafés, mural art walls for your feed, and restaurants that will have you making a reservation months in advance. Abbot Kinney is one of Venice’s main attractions, as it boasts trendy boutiques, shops, and most importantly, some of the best food in town. While Abbot Kinney is only about 3 blocks long, there are dozens of places to wander. youRhere has the perfect guide for the best Abbot Kinney restaurants along this famous drag, from a super-casual Saturday lunch to candle-lit eateries topping the city’s most romantic things to do in Los Angeles; Abbot Kinney restaurants truly have it all.

Felix Trattoria

Photo via Felix Trattoria

Felix is one of those restaurants that will have you making a reservation at least a month or two in advance because it’s widely considered to be the best Italian food in the area. This popular spot sits cozily toward the end of the block and it features a small, well-curated menu rich in elevated homemade flavors. Their “Sfincione” is Sicilian Foccacia bread (yes, please) with rosemary, sea salt, and olive oil. They also have “Burrata Pugliese,” which is their fresh stretched cheese. Felix also has pizzas and pastas, which keep their guests coming back over and over again. Some popular pasta dishes include their “Sugo Di Pomodoro” and “Pesto Genovese.” We recommend trying to pop in during their later hours to skip the line. Late night pasta and wine, anyone?


Photo via Chris Goldberg

Who on this earth doesn’t love pizza? At Gjelina, not too far from Tasting Kitchen, people line up down the block for it. Gjelina is known not only for their wood fired pizzas, but their swanky, rustic-chic vibes acting as the backdrop to delicious, new-American cuisine. Their Venice restaurant, menu features oysters, charcuterie boards, charred vegetables, and of course…15 artisan pizzas to choose from. Their array of pies attract pizza lovers of all walks, whether you like simple or intricate flavor combinations. Gjelina carries straightforward flavors like “Mixed Mushroom” and “Gruyere”, while also displaying bold items like the “Wild Nettle” which features duck prosciutto, Calabrian chili, and Burrata cheese. Don’t have time to wait in line? Right next door is GTA, which stands for Gjelina Take Away. GTA carries Gjelina’s pizzas to-go, so if you need your fix ASAP, they’ll take care of you. (Psst–they also have take-away available!) Take away and head to Venice Beach.

De Buena Planta

VIA De Buena Planta

From the folks that brought you ever-popular vegan eatery The Butcher’s Daughter, comes this fun-and-festive Mexican restaurant highlighting plant-based cuisine. De Buena Planta’s laid-back offerings feature punchy Mezcals, refreshing Margaritas, and even a Mexican version of a Hot Toddy: take it from us, these are *perfect* after a long week. Take advantage of their colorful outdoor dining sets—one of the best outdoor things to do in Los Angeles—and relax with friends while you share tacos, chips & salsa, or their famous Buena Burrito (a personal fave). De Buena Planta is often featured on some of LA’s most trusted lists of the best food in town. YRH certainly ranks this restaurant as the best Mexican food in town!


VIA Neighbor Abbott Kinney 

When searching for outdoor things to do in Los Angeles: lovers of the whole, “my ‘outdoorsy’ is getting tipsy on a patio” movement… rejoice! Neighbor has perfected the indoor/outdoor vibes, heavily featuring plant-life and pops of color. It’s rare you find a “secret garden” bistro right off the beach! The menu satisfies anyone who craves breakfast at all times of the day: this fact makes it a wildly popular brunch locale. We recommend making a reservation a few days in advance! Munch on everything from berry waffles to smokey short ribs while sipping on hand-crafted cocktails that rotate out seasonally. Neighbor makes you feel like you’re the alfresco-dining guests of your most cultured and sophisticated BFF. Looking for romantic things to do in Los Angeles? Grab your sweetie for a Friday date night at Neighbor!

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