Popular At-Home Activities in India: COVID-19 Edition

  • By Sunita Negi

  • August 5, 2020

Popular At-Home Activities in India: COVID-19 Edition

“The Greatest Weapon Against Stress Is Our Ability To Set Peace Of Mind As Our Highest Goal And Doing Something Productive.”

Unquestionably, COVID-19 has brought many nations to their knees and the situation has left people with a lot of fear and stress. Daily bad news and fatality rates are distressing and affecting the peoples’ mental health and tours in India, private tours and day trips have come to a halt.

However, every coin has two sides; along with the stress and fear, Coronavirus has given people an unexpected break from their monotonous life routines. I think many will agree that people have yearned for this break incessantly and diligently for so long.

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Saluting health workers! They are giving their best to curb the spread of novel Coronavirus while the rest of the world is just finding some new and creative ways to curb their stress and practicing isolation and social distancing.

In India, people are spending their downtime by doing some creative activities for great experiences. We have compiled the list of at-home activities in India to inspire you during COVID-19 times, dreaming of your next time to visit.


During this unprecedented break, Indians are joining online classes to learn new skills. They are working on their weaknesses to turn them in their strengths. Many people have joined online hobby courses which, earlier, were impossible for them due to busy schedules and demanding jobs.

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Self Care

In times of turmoil, self-care is the first thing that gets neglected, right? It is termed unnecessary when people rush to settle down their work stresses.

But in the Coronavirus outbreak, people in India are being gentle to themselves and making efforts in self-care. They are practicing some beauty tips, yoga tips, meditation, and other things to improve their physical and mental health.

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Cooking is not everyone’s cup of tea, especially if you are in a rush to get it done. During this lockdown period, folks in India are trying their hands in cooking. While scrolling for things to do when bored, they found cooking as the greatest stress buster.

For Indians, the Coronavirus outbreak has been the best time to whip out their Masterchef hats and having fun in the kitchen with fresh ingredients.

Surely, trying new cuisines with personal cooking tips is one of the ultimate experiences for many.

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Working Out

In COVID -19 times, there aren’t many fun things to do near me available, as it is the time to practice social distancing and isolation. But if you are a fitness freak, working out is a super fun way to jazz up your boring days.

Most Indians indulge in the best of home workouts. They even join up with their friends or gym partners for a workout challenge, but the only difference is that this challenge remains on video calling. With fitness, they are having great experiences with their friends without even meeting them face to face.

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DIY Galore

DIY is top listed activity while searching for things to do when bored. For sure, it is the best way to challenge yourself and identify your hidden talent. If we’re talking about talent, Indians remain in the first row, no doubt!

In the COVID-19 pandemic, Indians keep themselves busy in learning new things to do the creative and productive use of their free time. They are trying their hands on the artwork, home décor, and even to sew new clothes: including Coronavirus masks. These are just a few at-home activities, in India and beyond, that people are using to keep themselves busy during quarantine!

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So, your positive mindset can let you have ultimate experiences, even in distressing situations like COVID-19.

We all dream of our next time to travel to India., In the Meantime, heres a list of sights and cities you can’t miss on your next Indian travel destination. Book your travel guide today!

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