Top Eco-Friendly Beauty Products

  • By Alison Falk

  • August 26, 2020

Top Eco-Friendly Beauty Products

Clean beauty brands are more accessible to beauty lovers than ever before. Clean, sustainable beauty, also known as sustainably sourced, is makeup formulated without harsh ingredients that may cause harm to us over time. The concept has caught so many people’s attention as the quality and deliverance of these products are just as impressive as our old faves that make you feel good. Check out how to achieve a full face of clean beauty products that you can replicate at home, and show us how you feel your most beautiful with good-for-you natural ingredients making a social impact.

The Face & Base

Clean beauty  skin care definitely attracts those who like a lighter, more natural makeup look for all skin types. The pigments in clean beauty products tend *not* to pack as heavy of a punch due to the difference in formulation. That is totally okay, because showing off that natural skin (keeping freckles and blemishes visible) is the trend right now anyway. The Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40 Foundation is a great base with UV protection. With light coverage and a dewy finish, this serum-like base is like a second skin. Formulated with Plant-Based Squalane- Non-Nano Zinc Oxide, Hyaluronic Acids, and Niacinamide, you’re getting clean makeup packed with amazing ethically sourced and cruelty free ingredients.

Clean Beauty Products ilian beauty super serum skin tint spf 40 foundation base uv protection cruelty free

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Rosy Cheeks

Clean beauty doesn’t mean you have to skip out on your favorite makeup steps. Clean blush and bronzer are on the market, and there are dozens of brands to choose from. The Lawless Make Me Blush Talc-Free Velvet Blush is a silky, soft-pressed powder that blends into the skin, creating a healthy, natural flush. It meshes seamlessly to create that “I just took a brisk walk and look healthy and youthful” type of look.

Clean Beauty Products lawless make me blush talc-free velvet blush cruelty free sustainable

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Bronzers are a must, no matter what time of the year it is. It is so important to give your face some natural color to create dimension and warmth. The Kosas The Sun Show Moisturizing Baked Bronzer is a year-round favorite for clean beauty lovers. This product is a moisturizing bronzer baked with shea butter. Let this bronzer effortlessly sculpt you with a weightless feel.

Clean Beauty Products Kosas the sun show moisturizing baked bronzer cruelty free sustainable

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Hi, Highlighter

Highlighter is something that we all ended up adding to our routines when the trend came about a couple of years ago. While typical applications started off a bit “blinding,” it has now morphed into different forms and applications. There are powders that are still bright and bold, but there are also cream products that look more skin-like and liquids that can have either effect. More importantly, there are clean formulations that will look beautiful on anyone’s face. The Milk Makeup Highlighter is a stick that gives a dewy look for the high points of the face. This stick is made of a cream formula that is easy to glide on. It can be applied directly to the face, or dabbed onto the fingers for a more precise application. Either way, you will be beaming without the worry of harsh chemicals.

Clean Beauty Products the milk makeup highlighter sustainable eco friendly cruelty free options

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Eyes Eyes Eyes

Clean makeup for your eyes? Yes, please! Many of us may struggle with eye irritations when it comes to putting on makeup. Mascaras may burn, the eyeshadows stain your lids; we have all experienced issues with makeup around our eyes. Clean eyeshadow formulas are hard to find, since so many ingredients are needed to create bold pigments. But, the Ilia Necessary Eyeshadow Palette is your perfect grab-and-go palette for everyday looks. Filled with neutrals of different finishes (matte, satin, metallic), these shadows can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion.

Clean Beauty Products ilia necessary eyeshadow palette eco friendly sustainable cruelty free options

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Perfect-Pout Lips

Have you ever stopped to think about what is in your average lip product? Especially when these ingredients may travel their way into your mouth? Probably not, and that’s okay! Natural products are something we are all navigating our way through and learning about. Clean lip products are here to stay, thanks to Bite Beauty. Bite sort-of pioneered clean lip products by staying true to their mantra: “What you put on your lips should be as good as what you put in your mouth.” A classic lip balm product is the Bite Power Move Creamy Matte Lip Crayon. This crayon can double as a lipstick or a liner: it boasts a beautiful matte finish and it’s designed for a stress-free application. With 20 shades to choose from, everyone will have clean beauty on their lips. Eco friendly beauty products are the way to go!

Clean Beauty Products bite power move creamy matte lip crayon sustainable cruelty free eco friendly options

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