5 Amazing Things You’ll Only See in India

  • By Sunita Negi

  • August 20, 2020

5 Amazing Things You’ll Only See in India

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone says ‘India’? I’m certainly reminded of festivals and colours. India is a land of vibrant culture with as much dazzling as that of the stars in the sky. Tourists have always loved the rich culture and hospitality of India. There are ample numbers of places to go locally and explore. There are also certain spectacular things you’ll only see in India.

Excellent Food Culture

Indians actually relish the privilege of enjoying their food with their hands. Nearly all Indian dishes are eaten with hands. We also enjoy the bliss of sitting down on the floor with our family members and enjoying our meal. There are so many little things to love about meal time.

The traditional recipes with the perfect blend of spices make Indian cooking culture versatile. India is a hub for an endless number of dishes. Vegetarianism is amongst the conventional practices of Hinduism: therefore, about 60% of Indians are vegetarians.

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The Rich Culture Of Festivals And Colours

Festivals and similar events bring a different freshness to the air. We Indians grow up celebrating festivals and enjoying them to the fullest extent. We do not always need weekends for holidays. There are so many religions in our country, and as such, we have festivities almost every month. Local communal spaces are always occupied with those taking pleasure in so many festival activities.

We also hold immense pride in celebrating almost every object which constitutes the human body. Water, sun, land, and food; everything is worshipped here. It is a house for all religions. Comprising Hinduism as the majority, other religions are equally respected. Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Sikhism Jainism, Judaism – every religion is welcomed here.

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Names with Deep Meanings

Every name in India depicts a beautiful meaning. Many Indians have their ancestors’ names attached to theirs even today. This legacy is very important in India. It feels special to be a part of such a culturally sound nation.

Children in India are given names after the mandatory session of astrology. This implies that Indians have deep faith in karma and celestial bodies.

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Every Kind of Tourist Attraction

India has everything from mountains to deserts, and beaches to temples, mosques, churches to monasteries. We have so many places to go locally for tourists to gain the best experience. From a frozen lake in Ladakh, to a beautiful stretch of beaches, India hosts all tourists with the utmost respect. The lush green mountains with scenic views are sure to leave you stunned! Yoga culture is also a major tourist attraction here.

The Auroville community (a utopian organization) is another world in itself. It welcomes people from all the nations to live a self- sustained life.

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Bill of Rights for Animals

India not only respects humans, but worships animals as well. Indians have two mothers; one their genetic mother and the other, Gaumata.

A cow is a holy animal and is worshipped by folks in India.  Indian constitution has proper rules that are against the slaughtering of cows. It’s quite a commendable practice! The West Bengal state in India has a separate identification for every cow: complete with their picture intact.

Things You’ll Only See in India woman feeding cows cow worhsip vegetarians culture cultural

Beyond these unique aspects, India has much more to explore. Its uniqueness not only lies in specific attractions, but represents a reflection of humanity in real sense. The people here are blessed to be a part of this colourful nation!

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