Add These Los Angeles Hikes to Your To-Do List

  • By Alison Falk

  • April 5, 2020

Add These Los Angeles Hikes to Your To-Do List

Outside of California, Los Angelenos are often portrayed as glitzy humans constantly on a mission to get somewhere in less than 30 minutes. While its true that we’re occupied (read: obsessed) with the crazy lifestyle here, it’s important to remember that we have some gorgeous and iconic Los Angeles hikes spread throughout the city. At youRhere, we always want to highlight some of our favorite spots to get our steps in—not to mention, spot to engulf ourselves in the breathtaking views Los Angeles has to offer.

Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Park

While many California hikes have a tendency to sound intimidating, the Kenneth Hahn Park trail is an easy place to start for all experience levels. Located in Baldwin Hills in the Culver City area, this park offers wildlife, beautiful views, and (of course) a great place to exercise. At the peak of the trail, you can catch a panoramic view of Downtown LA with the San Gabriel Mountains in the background. This hike is about an hour long, so it’s perfect to fit in a quick, scenic sweat sesh in the morning or evening. Kenneth Hahn also offers guided moonlight hikes where you can experience nocturnal fauna, like raccoons and bats, while hearing the distant howls of canyon coyotes underneath the stars.

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Los Liones Trail

Los Liones Trail is located in the Pacific Palisades right in between Santa Monica and Malibu. This trail is just a mile away from the ocean, allowing great glimpses of the sea during the entirety of the hike. Once you make it to the top, kick your feet up on a perfectly-placed bench and gaze out over a glorious vista of the sparkling Pacific Ocean. This trail is great for beginners as it is around 2.6 miles: the experience feels peaceful from start to end with the ocean breeze. It’s like a mini escape from city life!

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Runyon Canyon

Runyon Canyon is definitely one of the most famous hiking destinations in Los Angeles. Located in hills over Hollywood, Runyon is widely considered a moderately difficult hike amongst Angelenos. Fun fact; this trail is a great place to spot your favorite celebrity, or better yet, the cutest dogs in town, while also breaking quite a sweat on this in the company of your fellow hikers. Runyon Canyon is known to be crowded, so don’t expect a quiet, peaceful route. Thankfully, this overall-tough trail has modifications for every sort of hiker, with the most difficult route leading to the Hollywood Sign. Although this direction can be challenging, the end destination leads you to one of the most iconic structures in Los Angeles. Wanna make it a date? Bring your significant other and add a love-lock to the famous fence gate!

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Escondido Falls Trail

Ever considered you might spy a waterfall on your visit to Los Angeles? Escondido Falls Trail, located in Malibu, has an up-close-and-personal view of a stunning (and petite) waterfall. This hike begins off of Pacific Coast Highway and winds uphill into Malibu residential areas. You can make this hike as easy or as difficult as you would like, as there are options to modify the amount of trips uphill and downhill. Escondido Falls Trail is the perfect route to explore on a hot LA weekend as the waterfall naturally cools you.

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It’s abundantly clear that Los Angeles hikes feature some of the best views in the county, so why not shed a little sweat on your way to sweeping views? This city has so many hiking trails that can easily turn your weekend into an adventure, whether you want to see the sunset bounce off the LA skyscrapers or the sparkle of the Pacific Ocean.


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