We are a team of professional creatives with a common goal: to develop mind-expanding, eco-friendly travel experiences around the globe for the curious traveler.

Since she was young, Rekia Spencer had an affinity for travel, wellness  and hospitality. She day-dreamed about jet-setting around the world, interacting and connecting with locals, learning new customs, and discovering new ways she could change her life, and the lives of others, for the better. After years of planning her vision, Rekia launched youRhere Modern Retreats in 2019.

YRH is designed to immerse you, sustainably, in foreign cuisine & culture to build a sense of community while making an impact. Each excursion and experience is developed with small groups in mind—catering to curious souls:  professionals, and intrepid vacationers alike. 

The team behind youRhere aims foster lifelong connections between travelers and locals while spreading cultural awareness and creating a positive social impact on the environment. In other words; we bring you to new places, so that you may bring knowledge and understanding home with you, making a difference in your community. 

Sustainability, diversity, and the  growth of our clients drives every experience we create. The world wants to know you; you want to know the world; let youRhere make the introduction.